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Forum Guidelines ** A Must Read
Welcome to BuyersInfo Forum, I hope you find your stay enjoyable.

The information from this forum is provided in order to unite buyers and sellers that have had problems dealing within the surplus, closeouts, wholesale and or Internet commerce, please use it responsibly.

Posting in our Forum is FREE
Posting in the For Sale thread of The Forum is Billed at $2.99 Per month.

Advertise your company or others in this forum.
Advertise your products for sale in this forum - Paid Members.
Tell us about your experiences with XYZ Company, whether good or bad.
Give us your suggestions & opinions.
Ask questions.
Enjoy your stay!

Spam members of the board to solicit items you have for sale.
Bad mouth others for voicing their opinion.
Bad mouth a company or person you have not personally dealt with.
Bad mouth a company without foundation. (Moderators will ask for this)
Use foul language.
There will be absolutely no bumping allowed. If you you use a post for the purpose of bumping, it will be removed.

This forum is watched by its moderators and any objectionable, and or unfounded posts will be removed. Please use this forum responsibly.

Any posts that become un-productive will become locked.

Any user that fails to adhere to these guidelines, at the discretion of the admin and or moderators, can be banned at any time.

When you join the forum you agree to follow forum guidelines.

You can post your own personal experience. There will be no posting for other people who do not belong to the forum, they need to register there own user name as it is to confusing and is not fair to other members who have their own membership. Any member guilty of this will have their post deleted and will be banned.

When posting bad feedback about companies please only state the facts of the transaction along with the details of the transaction. XYZ is a scammer just doesn’t cut it. If you would like to use the board to mediate the transaction with the company details will be necessary and the company in question will need to know who you are.

By entering in to our forum you acknowledge that all posts made to these forums express the views and opinions of the author and not the administrators, moderators or webmaster and hence will not be held liable. When considering a purchase, BuyersInfo Forum does not endorse any surplus or internet related companies or deals. is governed by the Laws of the State of New Jersey. Any disputes with will be resolved by mediation or arbitration.

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